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TVXQ Gives Out Pure Vibes In Their “평행선 (Love Line)” Music Video

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The boys of TVXQ are back at it again!

“평행선 (Love Line)” is the second music video the group released following their recent comeback with “운명 (The Chance of Love)” on March 28th, 2018.

While “The Chance of Love” was sexy and had a darker charisma, “Love Line” has a lighter, brighter feel to it. The atmosphere is full of playfulness as the boys go around their house nestled above the ocean, doing every day things like washing the windows and watering the plants. The video gives a bit of a magical feel as sugar cubes fly around Changmin as he has his coffee, right before he scoops a fluffy cloud into his cup for his cream. There’s even a pair of dancing dress shirts seen multiple times throughout the house. Everything about the music video is just adorable and pure.

The dance fits the concept very nicely, as it’s not super flashy but still conveys how TVXQ are amazing dancers. And the transition of the boys’ outfits from day to night as the sun sets behind them is a very nice touch. The song itself is also a light and easy listen. The background instrumental is not too heavy and helps to put even more emphasis on the incredible vocals TVXQ has to offer. It is an excellent spring song to listen to with the windows down on a sunny day.

This comeback has been a fantastic way for TVXQ to show the world they’re still kicking butt and taking names after their small hiatus for their military service. Check out the music video below and show the boys your support if you like what you see!

TVXQ Love Line MV


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  1. Evesei April 6, 2018

    Amazing as always :3

  2. Mardhiah Omar April 7, 2018

    TVXQ is one truly legend they never fail <3 Aaahhhhhhhhh!!!

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