TWICE (트와이스) Is Back With Holiday Filled Music Video “Merry and Happy”


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The TWICE (트와이스) girls are back for another adorable, colorful music video for “Merry & Happy” off of their repackaged album, Merry and Happy. The festive song is filled with the girls caroling, while baking delicious treats, creating Christmas crafts, and enjoying each other’s company. It’s a song that highlights the friendship between TWICE (트와이스) members and their fandom, ONCE, and brings the whole family together. Each girl brings their own flair and fashion to the video while keeping the sisterhood that TWICE (트와이스) is known and loved for within K-pop.

This is TWICE’s (트와이스) first Christmas themed song and repackage, which is a testament to the quick rise and popularity of the nine-member group, which broke record after record with four Korean comebacks and their debut in Japan. The girls are enjoying the successful life and will be busy until February 2018, with the release of their second Japan album, #TWICE.

Get filled with the holiday joy by checking out TWICE’s (트와이스) latest music video, “Merry and Happy,” below! Are you filled with the Christmas spirit after watching it? Let us know in the comments below!

TWICE Merry Happy


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