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TWICE (트와이스) Release “Heart Shaker” Dance Practice Videos!

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December 11th saw the release of TWICE’s newest masterpiece “Heart Shaker”!

Along with last Novembers release of the groups first full-length studio album Twicetegram (the album that gave us such bops as “Likey” and “Ding Dong”). Fans have now received the holiday repackaged version of the album “Merry & Happy” which was released December 11th. With the album, we got the adorable new “Heart Shaker” M/V (a 1,000% must watch). As well as the newly released “Heart Shaker” dance practice videos!

The first of the two dance videos was a “Studio Version” in which the girls are seen in blue jeans and some form of a white long-sleeved shirt. The studio the girls are in is painted Christmas-tree-green decorated with phrases pertaining to the group and their comeback, and of course a Christmas tree. In this festive room, the girls perform the cute and fun dance for “Heart Shaker.”

The dance itself is super adorable, and probably one of my favorites from the girl group. As is true with nearly all of their choreographies, the dance is extremely high energy. Watching it makes you want to dance along for sure. In addition to the high energy moves, there are also a lot of intricate hand movements in the dance. These hand movements add a cute flair to the simpler parts of the dance and bring the entire thing together. Overall the dance and the video are both super adorable, lively and fun for the viewers!

If you want to watch the cute performance video you can do so by clicking below!

Shortly after the release of the “Studio Version” dance video, fans were graced with the dance practice version. Where we see the same fun and upbeat dance performed in the girls’ practice room. In this video, the girls can be heard singing along and cheering throughout the song. It’s clear they enjoy the performance just as much as we do!

You can watch the video below! And don’t forget to let us know what you thought of the videos, as well as the comeback as a whole!

TWICE Heart Shaker MV



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