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Fan Chant Kpop Twice

TWICE (트와이스) Want You To Chant Along With Them With “Heart Shaker” (응원법)

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TWICE gather in a cute green themed room with the title of their repackaged album Merry & Happy printed behind them!  They’re not just gathering just because, though.  They’re here to teach fans the fan cheer for their latest track “Heart Shaker“.

Armed with adorable smiles, jeans and matching white shirts, and their light stick, the girl’s are ready to go for their energetic fan chant!  They start off a bit slow, but quickly get into the fan chant, singing alongside as if they were fans themselves!  All the while, they’re making sure to wave their light sticks to the beat!

Check out TWICE’s “Heart Shaker” fan chant below!

TWICE Heart Shaker Fan Chant


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