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Kpop Twice

TWICE announces their first photobook ‘One In A Million’

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TWICE released 4 teaser announcing their first ever photobook, One In A Million.  The book is set to release on July 10, 2017.

Stay tuned for more and check out the teaser images below!

twice-one-in-a-million-photobook-4 twice-one-in-a-million-first-photo-book-3 twice-one-in-a-million-first-photobook-2 twice-one-in-a-million-first-photobook-1

twice-one-in-a-million-photo-book-1 twice-one-in-a-million-photo-book-2 twice-one-in-a-million-photo-book-3 twice-one-in-a-million-photo-book-4

twice-one-in-a-million-july-10-4 twice-one-in-a-million-july-10-3 twice-one-in-a-million-july-10-2 twice-one-in-a-million-july-10-1

twice-one-in-a-million-group-teaser twice-one-in-a-million-nature twice-one-in-a-million-hold-hands


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