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TWICE brings us a new hit E.T. style with “Signal” (Music Video Review)

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The beautiful ladies of TWICE have made their comeback with the extraterrestrial themed “Signal”.  This song has received mixed reviews from many of the fans, and I have to admit, I was unsure about it the first time I listened and watched it, but after another view, I was completely in love!


“Signal” doesn’t have the same feel as many of the other hits produced by TWICE, but it is a rather catchy song.  There’s less distinction of the between the vocals and the raps since each part seems to have more of a spoken/sung combination.  While that doesn’t work for all groups, it worked amazingly for this song, especially with the heavy beat that accompanied the song.

The absolute highlight of the entire song is the chorus.  It’s just so adorable and stands out so well amongst the heavier beats of the rest of the song.  It’s actually more similar to their normal tracks, which gives the song a nice combination.

“Signal” has a very interesting set of lyrics as the girls talk about how they find out they’re in love and want to be with their ‘person’, but they aren’t noticing their affections.  The entire track is about sending signals for unrequited feelings.

Overall, the song has a new look and feel for the group and is a nice change of pace from anything that’s been release before.  It’s not for everyone, but it is a unique concept for the girls to try out!


This video is all sorts of adorable.  The entire thing is just playful, dorky, and fun!  From the beginning, where there are some wonderful distance shots showing the girls in retro style outfits, to the interactions with the alien one on one, there’s just so much going on!

One of the things that actually stood out most was the expressions of the girls that weren’t singing.  Each one made a face of some sort when their part ended, which was super adorable.

I won’t hesitate to admit the alien was rather odd, and the ending with the girls turning into aliens was a bit weird as well, but it did fit in with the video and was done well.

Something that this video has that many others don’t, is the fact that you can watch it numerous times and discover something new each time.  For instance, at 2:40, I noticed the camera head guy, but he didn’t stand out to me until the third time I watched it!


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