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ICYMI: Twice “Dance The Night Away” In New Music Video!

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On July 9th the ever popular girl group “Twice” released a summer-inspired music video “Dance The Night Away“!

The music video opens to scenes of each of the girls waking up on a stunningly beautiful island. Upon waking up and gathering together they immediately begin decorating a small sheltered area into a tropical hideaway.

Throughout the music video, there are gorgeous shots of each member individually, as well as the group as a whole, dancing to the fun upbeat summer jam. The choreography to the song just as catchy as the beat itself. (We can already tell it’s going to be one that appears at every K-Pop random play dance event from now on). Of course, it is performed to a T and in perfect synchronization, creating an immediate and satisfying visual appeal to it.

The girls appear throughout the video in beautiful summer outfits. These include super adorable shorts and tank tops and super trendy swimming suits. As well as beautiful flowing white sundresses as they “dance the night away”.  The scenes take place on the beach and in front of other gorgeous tropical scenery. There are also scenes around the hideaway which the members had taken care to decorate earlier in the video. After dancing and experiencing the beautiful island all night the girls find themselves tired from the day’s fun and are only awoken by the sound of a passing ship as the video ends.

In regards to the song, it is a catchy, super fun, and upbeat song. The title is appropriate for the tune. The second you hear it makes you want to move. A quality that Twice’s music is extremely well known for. The members’ vocals throughout the track are incredibly well done and add to the atmosphere of the song very well. It was supposed to be a sweet summertime song and it absolutely hit that mark spot on!

twice dance the night away mv


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