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TWICE Make Their Exciting Return With The Music Video For “YES or YES”

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Update November 5, 2018:

TWICE release their brand new music video for “YES or YES”.  Watch it below.

Update November 4, 2018:

TWICE released a plethora of new teasers for their upcoming return.  Check them out below.

Update November 2, 2018:

TWICE released the third energetic music video teaser for “YES or YES”.  Check out their adorable smiles in the teaser below.

Update October 31, 2018:

TWICE released the new music video teaser for their return with “YES or YES”.  Watch it below.

Update October 30, 2018:

TWICe released previews of their posts and photocards!  Check them out below.

twice-photocardstwice-photocardstwice-photocardsUpdate October 29, 2018:

TWICE released a haunting new music video teaser for their upcoming return.  Check it out below.

Update October 28, 2018:

TWICE released another stunning set of teasers! Check them out below.


TWICE members posed for a stunning new group teaser for their upcoming return. Check it out below.

twiceUpdate October 26, 2018:

Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu are the next TWICE members to have their teasers released.  Check them out below.

twice-20183twice-20182twice-2018Update October 25, 2018:

Along with the stunning teasers below, TWICE also revealed more of their track list!  Check it out below.

TWICE released a few new teasers for their upcoming return with YES or YES.  Check out Mina, Jihyo, and Sana’s teasers below.

twice-sanatwice-minaUpdate October 24, 2018:

TWICE released Nayeon, Jeongyeon, and Momo’s teasers for their upcoming return!  Along with the teasers, TWICE also released the track list!

nayeonjeongyeonmomoUpdate October 23, 2018:

TWICE released both their first group teasers and the album details for their return with YES or YES.  Check them out below.

TWICEOriginal Article:

TWICE fans rejoice!  The lovely ladies are coming back!

TWICE announced their upcoming 6th mini album, YES or YES with two new fun teasers. The album is set to drop on November 5, 2018.

Check out the teasers below and stay tuned!


twice yes or yes teasers


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