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UNB Drop Music Video Teaser And Highlight Medley For ‘Black Heart’

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Update June 27, 2018:

UNB dropped the second music video teaser for “Black Heart”.  Watch it below.

Update June 26, 2018:

UNB dropped the music video teaser and highlight medley for their upcoming return with Black Heart.  Watch them both below.

Update June 24, 2018:

UNB released even more stunning teaser images for their upcoming return with Black Heart!  Check out the handsome teasers below.

unb-groupunb-chan-1aunb-jun-1000unb-kijoong-100unb-daewon-100unb-marco-1000unb-chan-200unb-feeldog-100unb-ji-hansol-100unb-go-hojung-100unb-jun-200unb-euijin-z00unb-kijoong-200unb-daewon-200unb-jun-300unb-feeldog-200unb-ji-hansol-200vcunb-euijin-100Update June 22, 2018:

UNB revealed the jam packed track list for their upcoming return with Black Heart.  Check out the track list below.

unb-blackhear-trackUpdate June 21, 2018:

More teaser photos for UNB’s upcoming return have been revealed!  This wave of teaser images spotlights their featured artists, see previous update below for details.  Take a look at the teasers below and stay tuned for UNB’s return with Black Heart on June 28, 2018.

unb-groupunb-hojung-hangyulunb-jungha-marcounb-anne-jueun-2unb-jungha-hangyul-2unb-anne-jueun-1Update June 18, 2018:

UNB drop various teaser images for their return with Black Heart.  The teasers, all of them positively breathtaking, give a glimpse into the group’s comeback concept!  This time around, there will be more participation from other artists, who also received teaser images.  Jungha (formerly of BEATWIN), Hangyul (of IM), Jueun (current member of DIA who didn’t participate in the show), and Anne (of S.I.S) will all feature on the upcoming album.

Check them all out below.

unb-euijin-2unb-jun-3unb-chanunb-daewonunb-marcounb-go-hojungunb-euijinunb-feeldogunb-jun-2Update June 12, 2018:

UNB released another preview of “Black Heart”!  The new teaser has a bit of a mix of English and Korean mixed in with “Can you wait a bit more?” tossed in at the end. The video only previews 8 members, and there is the potential that Jun may be standing out due to schedule conflict.  No official word has been released yet.

Watch the clip below.

Original Article:

UNB released details on their upcoming return!

After revealing their official fan club name, the group revealed details on their upcoming return!  The teaser released features four images, two guys and two girls, with the numbers “9” and “18”.  The bottom of the teaser reads “We are going to meet” along with the date June 28, 2018.  The group is due to release their upcoming title track, a swing mix, titled “BLACKHEART” on that date!

Check out the teaser below and stay tuned!

UNB Blackheart teasersUNB Blackheart teasers


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