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UNB Drops Psychedelic Debut Music Video For “Sense (감각)”

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UNB has officially debuted!

This 9-member boy group gave fans their first music video after their creation by the survival show The Unit. “Sense (감각)” comes off their 1st Mini Album ‘BOYHOOD’ released April 7th.

The music video starts with a voiceover from some of the members, and the middle of the music video contains a French voiceover that is very reminiscent of ASMR. And many of the shots give a very psychedelic feel. The sky turns into a swirling oil slick on multiple occasions, and a galaxy theme is present throughout. There’s so much color mixed in as well; purple skies, green lightning, and pink grasslands all bring great vibrancy to the video.

The rap break is incredibly gorgeous, too. The group’s two rappers are seen in a small circle of light with a starry night sky as their backdrop.

And of course, these boys can sing and dance incredibly well. The dance moves are energetic and match the feel of the song perfectly. The song itself has a dance club-feel to it, and the boys’ voices are enjoyable to listen to.

Check out the music video below, and be sure to show your encouragement and support to UNB as they hit the K-Pop scene!

UNB Sense MV


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  1. Vivianpuenge April 8, 2018


  2. Bernadet Dc April 10, 2018

    UNB, fighting! Chanshine, fighting! Sense is such a good song uwu

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