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“The Unit” Releases Final Group Names And Leaders For Male And Female Groups

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The Unit has finally revealed the group names and leaders for Unit B and Unit G!

Unit B had a variety of name choices, including My Turn, B.One, UNG, and unison.  In the end, the male group chose to use UNB as their group name.  Likewise, the female group had a plethora of names to choose from including The Shine, G.One, and Uni, but ultimately decided to use UNI.T.

Along with the group names, the group leaders were revealed!  The members themselves were able to choose the leader for the groups.  For the female group, UNI.T, Woohee was chosen.  Feeldog, from the leader of BIGSTAR, was chosen for UNB.

Congratulations once again to these finalists and we are looking forward to seeing both groups do incredible things!

The unit group names

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