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The Unit releases the first wave of individual teaser clips for the contestants

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The Unit recently revealed their first full music video prior to the show airing on October 28, 2017.  The track and video, “My Turn“, featured all 126 of the participants.

Now, the show has started to reveal individual teaser videos for the participants.

First, we have Giseok who was on BOYS24 and Hyunjoo who was formerly part of APRIL.

Second, we have A.C.E’s Chan and Park Jiwon.

Third, we have IMFACT’s Ungjae and Lee Bo Rim.

Fourth, we have MVP’s Rayoon and Good Day’s Jiwon.

Fifth, we have the teaser clip for SNUPER’s Sangil and LipBubble’s Hanbi.

Sixth, we have Lee Kwan Min and G-reyish’s Yena.

Seventh, we have the teaser former member of DAY6, Junhyeok and Rubber Soul’s Kim.

Finally, we have B.I.G’s Heedo and S.I.S’s Anne.

UPDATE: A few more teasers have been release for The Unit.

The ninth teaser features Good Day’s Chaesol and U-Kiss’s Jun.

The tenth features Ji Hansol and Matilda’s DanA!

UPDATE: 10 more contestants have had their video teasers revealed!

In clip number 11, we see Topp Dogg’s B-Joo and Melody Day’s Yoomin.

Clip number 12 introduces Boys Republic’s Suwoong and NC.A.

Next, clip number 13 features MYNAME’s JunQ and Good Day’s Genie.

Then, in clip number 14, we see the teasers for MYNAME’s Chaejin and LABOUM’s ZN.

Finally, in clip number 15, we meet IM’s Kijoong and HUB’s Hyosun.

Unit 2017 Individual Teasers


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