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The Unit Reveals Final Members For Unit B and Unit G

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The Unit aired it’s final episode on February 10, 2018!

It’s been a stressful season, with emotions running high as fans cheered for their favorite idols.  The show concluded with two groups produced in the end, Unit G (girls) and Unit B (boys).  Check out the finalists below!

Unit G

1st place – Euijin (SONAMOO)
2nd place – Yebin (DIA)
3rd place – NC.A
4th place – Yoonjo
5th place – Lee Hyun Joo
6th place – Yang Jiwon
7th place – Woohee (Dal Shabet)
8th place – ZN (LABOUM)
9th place – Lee Suji

Unit B

1st place – Jun (U-KISS)
2nd place – Euijin (BIGFLO)
3rd place – Hojung (HOTSHOT)
4th place – Feeldog (BIGSTAR)
5th place – Marco (H.B.Y)
6th place – Ji Hansol (Newkidd)
7th place – Daewon (MADTOWN)
8th place – Kijoong (IM)
9th place – Chan (A.C.E)

The finalists were originally going to be contracted for about 7 months.  However, the contract might be able to be extended to 25 months if the group is successful.

The winning male and female team will have contracts that extend to 13 months.  7 months will include them promoting as a team and the remaining 6 will allow them to return to their original agencies.  During this time, they will have to be able to participate in promotions for “The Unit Culture Special Company”.

The Unit Finalists

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