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‘The Unit’ reveals a list of agencies with idol contestants

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Idol Rebooting Project: The Unit revealed a list of over 65 agencies that have idols taking part in the show.  This isn’t the full list either!

Viewers are wary about the show, since it will be hard to give screen time to each of the participants, but many idols are flocking to it for their second chance.  The producers expressed their gratefulness for all taking part in the show.  They’ve even stated that this will show all the true capabilities of each of the idols.

They will be showing heartwarming stories, tear jerking stories, and just the amount of work these idols have put in.

As of now, we have a list of some of the participants reportedly joining the show.

Check out the list of participating agencies below;

Nanum Entertainment
Namoo Actors
New Planet Entertainment
Double S
The Queen AMC
Rainbow Entertainment
Loen Entertainment
Maroo Entertainment
Mafia Records
Mad Soul Child
Music Factory Entertainment
Banana Culture Entertainment
Vine Entertainment
Box Media
Brand New Music
Brave Entertainment
Black Hole Entertainment
Beat Interactive, Show Works
Snowball Entertainment
Starship Entertainment
Star Empire
Star Crew
Ark Partners
Apple of the Eye
Yama Hot Chicks
Young Music
Wan Entertainment
One N One Stars
Widmay Entertainment
Wings Entertainment
Universal Music
Zenith Media Contents
JJ Holic Media
Climix Entertainment
Kiwi Media Group
Tajoy Entertainment
Pledis Entertainment
Histar Media
Happy Face Entertainment
Hyuk N Company
Hyunda Company
Hunus Entertainment
BG Entertainment
C9 Entertainment
DSP Entertainment
DWM Entertainment
GH Entertainment
H.O Company
JN Entertainment
JSL Company
MBK Entertainment
NH Entertainment
OUI Entertainment
PH Entertainment
PR Entertainment,
STL Entertainment
TOP Media
TS Entertainment
TSM Entertainment
WM Entertainment
YNB Entertainment
ZOO Entertainment

The Unit Companies

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