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UP10TION Shows Fans Just How Ready They Are With Their Highlight Medley For ‘Invitation’

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Update March 14, 2018:

UP10TION released their track list yesterday, and now they’re giving fans an opportunity to get a taste of those tracks before they go live!  The new album takes on a bit of a new vibe from them and each of the previews express that new, more mature side.

Check it out below!

Update March 13, 2018:

UP10TION released their full track list for Invitation.  The album will include 11 songs in total including their title track “Candyland”.

UP10TION Invitation

Update March 12, 2018:

UP10TION is upping their game in their latest teaser clip for “Candyland”.  The boys give a small glimpse of their new track and music video!  Watch it below!

Update March 11, 2018:

UP10TION dropped a fun clip prior to their comeback.  The clip, UP10TION – Invitation Trick X-Code deciphers the original teaser images released.  The first clue is “March First Full Comeback”, followed by JKKWBWSGHX, which is actually the 10 members’ initials.  The final clues are “We Are Ten” and “Ten” in multiple languages.

Eventually, the letters fade away and spell out “Candyland”.

Check out the clip below.

Update March 9, 2018:

The group started their individual teaser releases!

UP10TION Invitation UP10TION Invitation UP10TION Invitation

UP10TION Invitation UP10TION Invitation UP10TION Invitation UP10TION Invitation

Update March 9, 2018:

UP10TION released a couple new teasers!  Their first is a teaser video for “Candyland”, described as a “Notice Film”.  In the clip, the boys are walking through a hallway while someone walks out of the door.  Fans speculated initially that it would be Wooshin, who’s been out since June of 2017 due to health issues.

Their group teaser released after that confirms fan speculations by featuring all 10 members!

UP10TION Invitation

Update March 8, 2018:

UP10TION dropped their brand new teaser!  The group’s new code includes the text “from CODE32 to…” and “10-05 Blvd.”.

Check it out below!

UP10TION Invitation

Update March 7, 2018:

There’s no rest for the wicked here.  UP10TION dropped yet another code reading “09-07 Blvd.”.  According to the image, it’s from Code27 to Code03.

UP10TION Invitation

The latest code “Code03” features the text “07-02 Blvd.”.

UP10TION Invitation

Update March 6, 2018:

Another teaser has been released!  The new code, “Code11” has the text “00-00”.  Check it out below!

UP10TION Invitation

Update March 5, 2018:

Two more teasers are here!  The first is “Code99” with “02-08 Blvd.”.  The second changes things up with “CODE10” and “Not Found”.

Check out the two teasers below!

v UP10TION Invitation

Update March 4, 2018:

An additional teaser was released after the teasers below.  This teaser, “Code96” has the text “05-10 Blvd.” written on it.

UP10TION Invitation

UP10TION wants to have their fans help solve their new puzzle! The group released two teasers so far! The first, “Code23”, features the hint “01-10 Blvd.”.  The second teaser, “Code69”, features the hint “06-03 Blvd.”.

Check out the two teasers below and see if you can solve the puzzle.

UP10TION Invitation UP10TION Invitation

Original Article:

UP10TION is gearing up for their comeback!

The group started off by releasing mysterious teaser images including “Invitation X-Code” with ‘ten’ in multiple languages.

That was followed shortly by an invitation teaser with the date March 15, 2018.

The latest teaser is actually the group’s schedule!  The boys will be making their comeback on March 15, 2018.  The group will be releasing all sorts of intriguing teasers until then.

Check out the schedule below and stay tuned for more updates!

UP10TION Invitation

UP10TION Invitation


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