UP10TION releases music video teaser for “Runner”


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UP10TION is gearing up for their comeback on June 29, 2017! They’ve released various teaser images for the release and have just dropped the music video teaser for “Runner”.

 The clip features the boys participating in various sports then taking off from the starting line as the gun goes off.

Stay tuned for “Runner” to go live on June 29, 2017!

UPDATE: The group has released a set of individual images with what appears to be lyrics written across them.  Check them out below!


up10tion-stardom-runner-verse-2 up10tion-stardom-runner-verse-3 up10tion-stardom-runner-verse-4 up10tion-stardom-runner-verse-5 up10tion-stardom-runner-verse-6 up10tion-stardom-runner-verse-7 up10tion-stardom-runner-verse-8 up10tion-stardom-runner-verse-9