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UP10TION take it up a notch in their latest music video for “Going Crazy”

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UP10TION is back with their latest music video “Going Crazy“.

In just a short time, this group has improved so much! The video has a mature vibe and is extremely crisp.  Throughout the video, they emphasize the neutral black and white color, while other colors are tossed in for a small pop periodically.

There’s a large emphasis on their dancing and the sleek movements.  It’s almost as if they’re moving as one in this music video!

This track is the title track of their photos album, 2017 Special Photo Edition – Going Crazy.  Also, it was their first collaboration with AAP, lead by Nassun.

The track talks about how a man is desperate to keep his lady love with him, which is perfect for a more mature vibe.  Overall, the track has more a retro house dance vibe.

Check out UP10TION’s track “Going Crazy” below!

UP10TION Going Crazy Music Video


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