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Upcoming Boy Group NOIR Drops Intense Music Video Teaser For Debut Track “Gangsta”

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Update April 6, 2018:

NOIR prepares fans for their intense debut with Twenty’s Noir with the music video teaser for “Gansta”, their title track.  Contrary to the smooth and silky teasers we’ve had for each of the members so far, the music video teaser has an intensity that can’t be matched!

Check it out below

Update April 5, 2018:

Kim Siheon features in a new teaser image along with a new teaser video for Shin Seunghoon!  Take a look at it below.

Noir Debut Twentys Noir

Update April 4, 2018:

A new image teaser featuring Shin Seugnhoon and new video teaser of Lee Junyong have been revealed for NOIR’s upcoming debut!

Noir Debut Twentys Noir

Update April 2, 2018:

A new teaser image of Yang Siha and teaser video of Kim Minhyuk have been released!  The teaser video follows Minhyuk as he socializes and hands out drinks. Like the others, he encounters the shy looking girl in passing.  Check it out below.

Noir Debut Twentys Noir

Along with the teasers above, the group released their album preview for Twenty’s Noir, giving fans a preview of the style they can expect from the boys.

Take a listen below.

Update March 30, 2018:

In the latest teasers for NOIR’s debut, Ryu Hoyeon features in a handsome teaser image while Kim Yeonkuk stars in his teaser video.  In the video, he’s starting to nod off at the bar when the shy looking girl approaches it and startles him awake.  As she walks off, he watches her go with a thoughtful look before getting back to work.

Watch the video below and take a look at the teaser.

Noir Debut Twentys Noir

Update March 29, 2018:

Kim Minhyuk and Ryu Hoyeon are the next two members to have their teasers released. Minhyuk stars in his own teaser photos while Hoyeon is featured as a performer in his video clip.

Take a look below.

Noir Debut Twentys Noir

Update March 28, 2018:

The latest video teaser follow Nam Yunsung as he socializes then has his attention briefly captured by the shy girl that walks by.  Along with his teaser video is a teaser image featuring Kim Daewon.

Check them out below.

Noir Debut Twentys Noir

Update March 27, 2018:

In the latest teasers for Twenty’s Noir, Kim Siheon serves drinks in front of a poster for ‘Prom Night’ and meets an adorably shy girl in large glasses.  Along with the teaser image, Lee Junyong’s teaser image was released.

Noir Debut Twentys Noir

Update March 26, 2018:

NOIR released a teaser clip featuring Kim Daewon along with a teaser image  of Kim Yeonkuk.  In the video clip, Daewon is cleaning the floors while someone makes their way by. Check them out below!

Noir Debut Twentys Noir

Update March 23, 2018:

NOIR dropped their first teaser image for Nam Yunsung!  Along with the teaser is a short video clip for Yang Siha.

Watch the clip below and take a look at the handsome teaser.

Noir Debut Twentys Noir

Update March 21, 2018:

The upcoming boy group dropped their track list!  Their title track will be called “Gangsta” and there will be 6 exciting tracks in total on the album.

Check out their debut track list below.

Noir Debut Twentys Noir

Original Article:

NOIR is making their debut!

The upcoming boy group announced their first mini album Twenty’s Noir set to release on April 9, 2018.

The group consists of 9 members including Shin Seunghoon, Kim Yeonkuk, Lee Junyong, Nam Yunsung, Kim Siheon, Ryu Hoyeon, Yang Siha, Kim Minhyuk, and Kim Daewon.  They’ve been interacting with their fans on Twitter for quite some time, releasing images of the members and interacting with fans on a more personal level.

Prior to their debut on April 9, 2018, they will be releasing a variety of teaser.  Check out their announcement below and stay tuned for the teasers releases!

Noir Debut Twentys Noir


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