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Upcoming boy group TRCNG releases the profiles for first 3 members

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Upcoming boy group, TRCNG, is making their debut on October 10, 2017.  To start their teasers off fully, they’ve released the profiles of the first three members, Ho Hyeon, Si Woo, and Kang Min.

Ho Hyeon, the main rapper of the group, is fond of Tupac.  In his spare time, he enjoys cooking and writing lyrics.  Si Woo is also a rapper.  He loves playing games and reading comics.  He specializes in Russian.  Finally, Kang Min is the main vocalist of he group and loves Justin Bieber.

Check out their profiles below and stay tuned for more!

TRCNG Profile Debut TRCNG Profile Debut TRCNG Profile Debut

TRCNG Profile Debut


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