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Upcoming girl group P.O.P releases teaser images for July debut

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It looks like P.O.P might make their debut in July!

The group has released retro themed teasers for Haeri, Seoul, and Yeonha, each with the date ‘July 26, 2017’.

Stay tuned for more teasers and check them out below!

pop-member-teaser-3 pop-member-teaser-2 pop-member-teaser-1

UPDATE: P.O.P releases the teaser images for Ahyung, Miso, and Yeonjoo.

Check them out below!

pop-teaser-1 pop-teaser-12 pop-teaser-122

UPDATE: P.O.P released their first music video teaser for their debut track, “Catch You”.  The teaser follows each of the girls as they go about their daily tasks.

Stay tuned for their debut on July 26, 2017!

UPDATE: P.O.P walks us through their album with their highlight medley!  Their powerful voices can definitely been seen in these little snippets of their 7 track album.

Check it out below!

UPDATE: P.O.P is back with another teaser for their upcoming album!


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