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Upcoming group IZ release their track list and album cover for 1st mini album

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IZ is getting ready to step onto the stage.

To prepare, well, more likely to prepare us, they’ve released their teaser photo for their first mini album alongside their track list.

The first album will contain 5 tracks, with only one title track and the album cover features the boys standing and ready to play on a rooftop.

The boys are set to debut with their first mini album, All You Want, on August 31, 2017.

Check out their teasers below and stay tuned!

iz-tracklist-all-you-want iz_all_you_want

UPDATE: IZ releases handsome individual teaser images and a group teaser image for their jacket photos for their debut album All You Want.

iz-jihoo iz-woosu iz-hyunjun iz_junyoung iz_all_you_want-jacket-photo

UPDATE: The boys have released the first video teaser for member, Jihoo.

UPDATE: The Woosu teaser is just as adorable as the Jihoo one!

UPDATE: Hyunjun is the next member to have his teaser released!

Watch him rock out below!

UPDATE: Junyoung is the last member to hve an individual teaser video released for the groups debut album.

Watch it below!

UPDATE: The boys are all smiles and cheer in the video teaser for All You Want.


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