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VAV takes fans behind the scenes of the jacket shoot for “ABC”

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VAV goes to the poolside with their latest jacket shooting for “ABC (Middle of the Night)”, their latest single!

The group took to the water where they played around and tormented each other with water guns and floating devices.  All in all, a ridiculous amount of fun!

Check out all the images below!

vav-behind-the-scenes-ace-1 vav-behind-the-scenes-ace-2 vav-behind-the-scenes-baron-1 vav-behind-the-scenes-1 vav-behind-the-scenes-ace-3 vav-behind-the-scenes-2 vav-behind-the-scenes-st-van vav-behind-the-scenes-jacob vav-behind-the-scenes-lou vav-behind-the-scenes-lou-pool vav-behind-the-scenes-ayno-pool vav-behind-the-scenes-ayno-food vav-behind-the-scenes-jacob-abs vav-behind-the-scenes-pool vav-behind-the-scenes-3 vav-behind-the-scenes-4 vav-behind-the-scenes-5 vav-behind-the-scenes-6 vav-behind-the-scenes-7 vav-behind-the-scenes-8 vav-behind-the-scenes-9 vav-behind-the-scenes-10 vav-behind-the-scenes-11 vav-behind-the-scenes-12


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