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VAV wants to give us “Flowers” (Music Video Review)

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VAV has been gearing up release their single, “Flower”, as of late with a beautiful set of floral teasers.  In each, the boys embrace their romantic side as they pose with a beautiful array of colored flowers.  The music video is no different.


“Flower” is one of those songs that takes a group outside of their normal style and into a completely different one.  The boys of VAV delved into a distinct reggae style that gives the song the perfect ‘beach’ feel.   The casual, almost laid back rhythm doesn’t rush the song along, and helps it move at a steady pace.  The vocals weren’t as emphasized, since they followed the beat pretty consistently, but the raps stood out distinctly.

One of my favorite things about this song is actually that distinction between the rappers.  The things that stands out most of how one of them is deeper and more laid back while the other has a fast, high pitch tone.

Even if you aren’t a fan of the song, the continuous repetition of “you-hoo-hoo” will probably stick in your head for ages.  It’s such a simple little line, but it’s beautifully done and extremely catchy.


Overall, this is actually a really simple video, but the floral arrangements incorporated throughout give it a fancier feel.  I love how they have flowers everywhere, not only just in the background, but used as props too.  The flowers aren’t super bold, but instead more of a muted pastel, which gives it a more romantic feel.

It seems like this video follows a boy trying to confess his affection, but can’t seem to get them to accept it.  There are numerous scenes with them sitting alone of a girl just leaving them behind.

The boys’ hair color actually goes with the theme extremely well since it matches the floral arrangements with the muted, pastel colors.  The pink tints and blue tints fit perfectly.  The costuming followed that same theme and was neutral enough that it didn’t stand out, but fit well with the video.


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