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VAV will be making a July comeback and released the first individual teasers

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VAV will be making a comeback in July, 2017!  The group’s official twitter released individual teaser images for each of the boys on June 22, 2017 with the hashtags #ThisSummerWithVAV and #Spoiler.

No dates have been set yet for their comeback and we don’t yet know the title, so stay tuned for more!

VAV-July-Teaser-photo-comeback-ace VAV-July-Teaser-photo-comeback-lou VAV-July-Teaser-photo-comeback-jacob VAV-July-Teaser-photo-comeback-ziu VAV-July-Teaser-photo-comeback-stvan VAV-July-Teaser-photo-comeback-baron VAV-July-Teaser-photo-comeback-ayno

If you haven’t seen their latest single, “Flower“, be sure to check it out!

UPDATE: The boys have revealed the title of their 3rd single album – ABC (Middle of the Night).  The track itself will be produced by Ryan Jhun and will fit their ‘funky’ style.  The teaser they released features ABC written vertically across a plaque with green leaves.

Check it out below and stay tuned for the release on July 4, 2017.


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