VICTON meets Highlight!

VICTON Meets Highlight

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The boys of VICTON are huge fans of Highlight.  They’ve looked up to them as inspiration even back when they were Beast.  They use their songs to inspire them to continue pursuing their dreams and even used them as covers when they were still trainees.

Both groups are currently working on promotions for their latest songs and albums.  VICTON has been promoting their song “Eyez Eyez“, while Highlight has been promotion “Plz Don’t Be Sad“.

On March 25, 2017, at the Show Core Music performances, VICTON got a chance to meet the group they idolize, and it’s beyond adorable.  They streamed the meeting on V-Live and the boys were huddling outside the dressing room while their nerves build up more and more.  Thankfully, Highlight was extremely welcoming to the boys and they were able to exchange signed albums.

Lee Gi Kwang of Highlight event complimented them by telling them he enjoyed the performance!

It’s great seeing K-Pop groups interact, but even better when a group gets to meet their idols and the people they look up to.