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VICTON’s 3rd mini album will be here before the end of August!

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VICTON will be making their comeback in late August!  The group released a teaser photo featuring some brightly colored shoes and the release date for their 3rd mini album.

Stay tuned for more and get ready for its release on August 23, 2017 at 12:00 pm KST.


UPDATE: VICTON released the track list for their 3rd mini album, Identity.  There will be 5 songs on the album.

Check it out below!victon-3rd-mini-album-identity-track-list

UPDATE: Han Seung Woo and Jung Su Bin are the first two member to have their individual teasers released!

Check them out below!

victon-identity-subin victon-identity-seungwoo2 victon-identity-seungwoo

UPDATE: VICTON released the teasers for Hanse, Sejun, and Heochan for their upcoming album Identity.

victon-heochan-identity1 victon-heochan-identity victon-hanse-identity1 victon-hanse-identity victon-sejun-identity1 victon-sejun-identity

UPDATE: VICTON Releases Kang Seung Sik and Choi Byung Chan’s photos for Identity!

victon-identity-seungsik victon-identity-seungsik1 victon-identity-byungchan victon-identity-byungchan2

UPDATE: VICTON finally released 2 group teasers for their upcoming album Identity!

victon-identity victon-identity-group

UPDATE:The boys are off running somewhere in their first music video teaser!

They each have a sort of ‘boy-next-door’ vibe going for them too.

Check it out below!

UPDATE: VICTON graces us with their rolling music video teaser for their upcoming 3rd mini album, Identity.

UPDATE: The second music video teaser for “Unbelievable” is here!  The boys are falling all over the place in this teaser, with some being shot with a toy gun and some just flat out falling, but with the cheerful background tune, there’s no harm done.

Check it out below and stay tuned for the release on August 23, 2017.


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