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Visit Korea And Lose Yourself In The Magic Of Lotte World Theme Park!

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Ladies and gentlemen!  Fans from all over the world!

Have you wanted to get tickets to events and things to do in South Korea but didn’t know where to start?  Look no further! OSKP has you covered.

OSKP announces a proud new affiliation with Trazy!  This incredible site is designed to help those outside of South Korea find their way around by providing discounted tickets to events and locations.  Often times, the staff of the company will meet the customer at location in order to help them along the way, or they will have transportation included in the package (see each event for details).

If you’re visiting South Korea, you’ll be sure to be hunting for fun, unique ideas and events.  Lotte World Theme Park is certainly a place to start your search.  This wonder includes an indoor ‘Adventure’ and outdoor ‘Magic Island”.  The park is open year round and has a variety of festivals and performances throughout.

Purchase tickets through Trazy and get your chance to experience the magic!  Check out the details below


1 ticket to Lotte World located at Jamsil Station in Seoul, South Korea.

Admission to Adventure and Magic Island included.

Access to all regular rides included.

Free admission to Folk Museum included.

Magic Pass can be added for additional cost.

Ticket Price currently discounted from $48 to $35.3.  Please note the discount is as of this posting date and is subject to change in the future.

What is a Magic Pass? Think of it like an express pass.  This helps park-goers skip the long lines and jump straight to the front!  Note, some rides don’t have Magic Pass queues.  Please see the ticket details for more information

Purchase Tickets Here

Lotte World Tickets 

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