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VIXX Takes Fan’s Breaths Away With The Music Video Teaser For “Scentist”

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Update April 15, 2018:

VIXX’s latest teaser is the official music video teaser for the title track of EAU DE VIXX, “Scentist”.  The beautiful teaser is full of stunning visuals, both the guys and the actual set, and striking colors.

Watch the jaw dropping music video teaser below.

Update April 14, 2018:

VIXX released the highlight medley for their upcoming album!  Check it out below.

Update April 13, 2018:

VIXX dance their hearts out in the mute choreography spoiler for their upcoming comeback with the title track “Scentist”.  The teaser has fans at the edges of their seats with anticipation and, while they love the dance preview so far, the lack of sound is killing them!

Check it out below.

Update April 11, 2018:

VIXX released a small preview of their upcoming title track “Scentist”.  The ‘hidden version’ features a small bit of the track as well as a bit of background noise.  Check it out below.

Update April 9, 2018:

Along with the track list below, VIXX revealed the cover image of their upcoming album!  With the announcement of their cover image is the hashtag #Scentist.  That indicates it might be their title track!

VIXX released the jam-packed track list for their upcoming album!  The group will have 12 songs in total, with heavy participation from the members in the production.  Ravi participated in each of the tracks in some way or another, while N, Ken, and Hyuk added to some of the tracks on the list.

Check out the track list below.

VIXX EauDeVixx Album

Update April 8, 2018:

VIXX dropped scent teasers for all of the members!  Take a look at them below.

Update April 6, 2018:

VIXX released  two ‘scent’ teasers for their perfume/cologne themed album EAU DE VIXX.   Check them out below.

Update April 5, 2018:

VIXX is on a mission to keep their fans from breathing altogether with the latest set of teasers.  Their success yesterday, rendering their fans speechless with joy, is continued today with a stunning set of black and white photos and even more intense gazes.

If you survived long enough, and made it through the pleasant onslaught of yesterday, check out their teasers below.

VIXX EauDeVixx Album

VIXX EauDeVixx Album VIXX EauDeVixx Album VIXX EauDeVixx Album VIXX EauDeVixx Album VIXX EauDeVixx Album VIXX EauDeVixx Album

Update April 4, 2018:

VIXX’s N stars in the next teaser image.  With two side by side photos, fans are certainly swooning.  On one side, he’s shown leaning over his leg and resting his fans on his fingers.  On the other, he’s bathed in a reddish glow and staring in the camera up close and personal.

Take a look at the teaser below.

VIXX EauDeVixx Album

They followed N’s teaser with a stunning dual set of images for Hongbin.  In one, he poses further away from the camera with a pleasant orange glow surrounding him, and in the other it’s impossible to look away from his eyes!

Check it out below.

VIXX EauDeVixx Album

Ken then takes the stage with a beautiful mix of red and blue surrounding his teaser images.  The close up image doesn’t provide a full view of his fans, but it’s enough to have fans begging for more teasers!  The other teaser has him looking away from the camera.

VIXX EauDeVixx Album

Then Hyuk takes the stage with a stunning pink/purple tinted photo.  The two images have a powerful stance, even with the lovely flowers in the close up.

VIXX EauDeVixx Album

Ravi jumps in for the next individual teaser with a stunning yellow and red mix and beautiful pose.  In one teaser, his hand brushes his neck as he face upwards, while the other features his eyes closed and a close up of his profile.

VIXX EauDeVixx Album

Leo rocks blonde hair in his teasers for the group’s upcoming 3rd album.  The two poses feature a stunning close up with his eyes closed and a beautiful shot that is reminiscent of a statue.

Take a look below.

VIXX EauDeVixx Album

If you’ve survived the individual teasers, you might want to brace yourself for the group teaser!

#VIXX's Leo Strikes A Stunning Pose In His Teaser For #EAU_DE_VIXX http://onestopkpop.wpengine.com/vixx-eaudevixx-album/

Update April 3, 2018:

The first teaser clip featuring a member is here!  The teaser features all sorts of hands covering Hongbin’s face.  Fans aren’t quite sure how they’re going to survive more!

Check out the teaser below!

VIXX EauDeVixx Album

Update April 2, 2018:

VIXX released the first look of their new concept! The group continued their pink, yellow, and orange theme with the first concept teaser’s hues.  The teaser itself features what appears to be a perfume bottle below.

Check it out below.

VIXX EauDeVixx Album

Update March 30, 2018:

The group released their scheduler for their upcoming album.  They have two days, April 11 and April 13 that have question marks, so fans have started to speculate!

Check out the scheduler below and stay tuned.

VIXX EauDeVixx Album

Original Article:

VIXX joins the hectic April comeback rush with their announcement for their latest album!

The group announced their 3rd full album, Eau De Vixx on March 30, 2018 with a beautiful pink, yellow, and orange themed teaser.  The album is set to release on April 17, 2018, and we’re sure to have all sorts of teasers prior to then.

Check out their teaser below and stay tuned.

VIXX EauDeVixx Album

VIXX EauDeVixx Album


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