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VIXX’s Leo Drops The Music Video Teaser For “Touch & Sketch”

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Update July 29, 2018:

VIXX’s Leo released the teaser music video for the title track of his upcoming solo mini album, Canvas.  Watch the music video teaser for “Touch & Sketch” below.

Update July 28, 2018:

VIXX’s Leo dropped the highlight medley for his upcoming solo album, Canvas.  Take a listen to it below.

Update July 27, 2018:

VIXX’s Leo releases the performance preview for his upcoming title track “Touch & Sketch”.

Check it out below.

Update July 26, 2018:

Leo features in more gorgeous teasers, rocking the red hair, as he prepares for his upcoming solo debut.  Along with the teasers, he also released a lyric teaser for “Touch & Sketch”, the title track of Canvas.

Check out the teasers and lyric spoiler below.


Update July 23, 2018:

Along with the album details below, Leo also dropped his track list! His upcoming album will contain 7 tracks in total, with all of the lyrics written by Leo.  The title track of Canvas is “Touch & Sketch”, and his second track “Cover Girl” will feature EXID’s LE.  Check out the track list below and stay tuned for more.

canvas-track-listLeo dropped more details about his upcoming solo debut, Canvas, including the album cover!  The upcoming album will include a ticket, photo card, poster, photobook, and photo paper.  Check out the details below.

Leo-albumleoUpdate July 22, 2018:

Leo revealed more gorgeous teasers for his upcoming solo debut with Canvas.  Check them out below.

leoleoleoleoOriginal Article:

On July 19, 2018, VIXX’s Leo dropped a surprise concept video, leaving fans excited and anxious.

The video, titled Leo from Leo had the phrase ‘pre-release’ in it, which lead fans to believe that the artist was preparing for a solo debut.  With captivating images of a darker storyline, the video definitely sets the stage.

On July 21, 2018, VIXX’s Leo announced that he really would be making his solo debut!  The artist dropped a teaser that featured crossing hands and the title Canvas.  His upcoming solo debut is set to be on July 31, 2018.

Check out the second teaser below and stay tuned.

 Vixx leo canvas


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