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VIXX’s Leo Delivers His Highly Anticipated “Touch & Sketch” Music Video

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Update August 8, 2018:

Leo dropped the moving version of his dance practice for “Touch & Sketch”!  it’s hard not to fall in love!  Watch it below.

Update August 5, 2018:

Leo always impresses, and his latest release definitely raises the bar.  He dropped his music video on July 31, 2018, and followed it up with a brand new sexy dance practice!

Watch it below.

Original Article:

The visuals are overflowing in this one, ladies and gentlemen.

VIXX’s Leo dropped his first solo mini album entitled ’CANVAS’ along with the gorgeous music video for “Touch & Sketch” on July 31st.

The video is so aesthetically pleasing and successfully gives off this artistic atmosphere. Leo sports his gorgeous pink hair while posing and dancing, looking completely in his element. The entire video has a Leo feel to it, like he’s truly showing us a part of himself.

Along with the beautifully shot scenes and atmosphere of the whole thing, Leo is accompanied by a very pretty girl. She gives an air of mystery to the video that is incredibly fitting. The music video ends with a shot of the finished self portrait Leo was working on throughout the three minutes and twenty-one seconds, and left me with major Dorian Gray vibes.

The song itself starts on a relatively mellow, subdued note. This is thrown out the window once the chorus hits. A much more lively and upbeat melody takes over, and the combination of these two tempos creates a very sultry sound. Leo’s vocals are truly phenominal, and his voice fits this type of sound like a well worn glove.

The rest of the album features six other songs, including “Cover Girl” featuring EXID’s LE. And although ’CANVAS’ is a very mood-making album, “Give Me Something” breaks that mold with it’s high-tempo electronic beat, featuring the backup vocals of fellow bandmates Ravi and Hongbin. “Nowadays” is also an incredible track, with it’s gorgeous piano and Leo’s outstanding vocals.

Leo created an amazing musical piece for his first solo album, and gave us an in depth look into his style and skill as an artist. I hope we get to see what else he has up his sleeve!

You can stream ’CANVAS’ here and here, and don’t forget to check out the video below!

Vixx Leo Touch Sketch MV


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