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VIXX LR release a stunning new music video for their comeback track “Whisper”

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VIXX as a group is known for stunning visuals and fantastic concepts, and VIXX LR, consisting of Leo and Ravi, is no different!  Leo and Ravi give it their all in their comeback video for “Whisper”.

From stunning high notes that will have your jaw dropping, to the different rap styles; from in your face to sweet, there’s nothing about this song that will have you bored or disinterested!  The stunning track is just emphasized by the striking shots and concept of the music video.

Check out the group’s comeback below!

When you hit the 3:20 mark, prepared to be amazed!  The two dancing together is just breathtaking.

The boys also sat down to talk about the different between their subunit and the group…

The group and unit always have a heavy focus on character and the concepts used in the album, but this time around, they focused more on making the album memorable and character filled rather than going with an extravagant concept (although they still succeeded with that).

As a whole, the unit’s style of music is completely different and because it’s produced and make entirely by them, they’re able to put themselves 100% into it.


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