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VIXX releases “birth stone” teaser images for upcoming album

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VIXX’s latest set of individual teasers seem far different than their previous, more traditional photos.  While still more traditional, the clothing is far more elegant.  Each member matches their background and can be associated with one of the birth stone colors, much like the concept for this set of photos.

It is possible that each of their photos represent different birth stone colors, with members Ravi posing in February’s Amethyst color and Leo representing either Topaz or Sapphire, November and September respectively, with his blue outfit.

Check out the photos below and get ready for the next set of teasers for their upcoming album!

vixx-n-comeback-birth-stone-teaser vixx-ken-birth-stone-comeback-teaser vixx-birth-stone-leo-comeback-teaser vixx-hongbin-birth-stone-comeback-teaser vixx-hyuk-teaser-birth-stone-comeback vixx-ravi-comeback-teaser-birth-stone


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