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VIXX Drops Intoxicating Music Video for ‘향 (Scentist)’

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The wait is finally over, Starlights!

After teasing us with photos, choreography snippets, and song highlights, VIXX is officially back with their 3rd full-length album EAU DE VIXX. They dropped their official music video for ‘향 (Scentist)’ on April 17th, and it is glorious.

The members give a “mad scientist” sort of vibe throughout the video that seems to fit them so well. Some shots are smoky, and the red liquid trapped in the glasses and test tubes really pop out against the stark white of the main set.

And the boys look incredibly handsome. Their pinstripe suits are a blessing to see, as is their white dress shirt and apron combo.

The song has a slower, more mature sound to it that can be heard in multiple other tracks on their new album, like ‘Trigger’ and ‘My Valentine.’ But they don’t make the tracks sound the same, which is a beautiful thing. Then we have a more mellow, ballad-esque feel in ‘Resemble’ that highlights the group’s amazing vocals. And finally, we get a beautiful song VIXX dedicated to their St?rlights called ‘Navy & Shining Gold’ after their official fan colors. Stan a group that stans you back.

Check out the MV below and be sure to show VIXX some love and support!

VIXX Scentist MV


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  1. Josy (@JosyBe1) April 20, 2018

    vixx are kings when it comes to concepts

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