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VIXX Members Are All Smiles With The Tipsy Version Of “Scentist”

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VIXX recently made an appearance on the Dingo Music channel series ‘Tipsy Live’.  This series follows K-Pop stars as the head to restaurants and perform their latest track while enjoying quite a few drinks.  The alcohol tends to allow the artists a chance to relax just a bit and have a good amount of fun with the segment!

In VIXX’s special segment, the group laughed and joked together as they played the Cleopatara Game.  They adjusted the rules to the game and the loser had to drink if they couldn’t successfully sing (really, it’s just screeching at some point) higher than the prior person.

N also did a special dance performance with a tissue.  His dance starts off the segment, and the members next to him mimic the movements.  The boys drink a healthy amount throughout the clip, if the bottles in front of them are anything to go by!

Then they begin singing with adorable results.  Their cheering of other members and huge grins throughout give a playful touch to the song.  Drinks are even passed around and shared during the song itself!

Watch VIXX’s Tipsy Live performance of “Scentist” below.

VIXX Scentist Tipsy Live


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