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VIXX takes on the Know-All-The-Beat challenge with “Shangri-La”

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VIXX just recently made their comeback with the elegant “ShangriLa“.  The music video is full of aesthetics and smooth motions, but this Know-All-The-Beat challenge lacks a little bit of their elegant finesse.

With this challenge, the group must follow the rules and attempt to complete their dance, while exchanging fans in descending birthday order.  Problem is, there’s going to be different songs playing at different times.  The boys overcome that, sort of, by loudly belting their song and at one point jus screaming it.  One thing about VIXX that’s apparent in this video, don’t give them weapons!  They use the fans more on each other than they do for the dance, and it’s absolutely hilarious.

As many fans pointed out, they’re a group known for their organized chaos and mild violence, and every bit of it is just adorable.

Check out the video below!


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