VIXX’s highlight medley creates more anticipation for the album release


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VIXX released the album cover, highlight medley, and tracklist for their upcoming 4th mini album, and boy are we excited!

The album cover is simple, with purple and tan flowers with a single banner running across the front with the Chinese characters “桃源境” written across the front.  The tracklist is done in a similar style.


The album will feature 6 songs, although the last song is purely instrumental.   Ravi actually took part in lyric composition for all of the songs! While the groups style changes a bit each time they make a comeback, there are small elements that just scream VIXX that can be found in each of the songs.  I have to say, “Black Out” is probably my favorite from the highlight medley.

Take a listen to the highlight medley below!  This album is definitely going to be amazing!

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