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VIXX’s “Shangri-La” is the definition of aesthetically pleasing (Music Video Review)

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VIXX made their comeback with their 4th mini album, 桃源境(도원경), featuring the title track “Shangri-La”, and oh my goodness, it’s incredible.  VIXX is known for trying out new concepts for their releases, and this traditional concept is right up their alley.


The song has a style of it’s own, with an even mix of east meets west, old and new.  The beat is consistent, with synthetic noises backing it up, but it never overpowers the vocals, and instead emphasizes them.

Based on things I was reading about this song, there was a far better distribution of the parts than normal, with Hongbin and Hyuk getting more parts than normal.  Hyuk started the pre-chorus with a high note that is definitely worth listening to.


I honestly could’ve just turned the video on mute and watched it again and again it was so amazing.  The boys look incredible in the formal, more traditional style clothing.  The sets are incredibly detailed in places and simple in others.  The mix of those two things just adds to the aesthetically pleasing aspect of the video.

My personal favorite room was the one with the flowers because it reminded me of spring and cherry blossoms.  Then again, the water filled dance floor was a close second favorite!

The boys incorporated fans into their dance this time around and somehow it just added to their graceful look.  Each movement, whether part of the dance or not, felt fluid and smooth.

There’s so much in this video to take in, yet at the same time, it’s actually quite simple.  Yet another amazing comeback from VIXX!

VIXX’s Shangri-La music video


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