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New Boy Band W24 (더블유24) Makes Debut With Their First Mini Album ‘Singing Dancing’

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There’s a brand new boy band in town!

The newest boy band group is the K-Pop world is W24 (더블유24), a 5 member group under Jarmy Entertainment.  This group is well rounded, with the skills needed to write, compose, arrange, and produce their own tracks!

On February 5, 2018, they released their pre-debut single “Love Me”, then followed it up with their debut mini album Singing Dancing on March 8, 2018.

The group itself consists of Jonggil, Howon, Aaron, Yunsoo, and Jiwon, with the leader being Jonggil.  Jonggil apparently played an integral role in forming the band.  Another interesting tidbit would be that member Howon was born and raised in Chile.

Their debut mini album, Singing Dancing, included 5 tracks, including their pre-debut track “Love Me”.  The members themselves played a big part in the production o the track.

Get to know the group a little better by watching them slowly rock out with their debut music video “점퍼 챙겨 나와” below!  The sweet video showcases their sweet vocals, friendly smiles, and smooth playing.

w24 debut singing dancing


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