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Kpop Wanna One

Wanna One gifts fans with even more images!

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Wanna One released various images of the boys.  From them playing games together to working side by side, there’s no end to the images they’re releasing prior to the groups debut.

They even have pictures with puppies! What better way to win our hearts?

Check out the images below!

wanna-one-single-15 wanna-one-single-14 wanna-one-single-13 wanna-one-single-12 wanna-one-single-11 wanna-one-single-10 wanna-one-single-9 wanna-one-single-8 wanna-one-single-7 wanna-one-single-6 wanna-one-single-5 wanna-one-single-4 wanna-one-single-3 wanna-one-single-2 wanna-one-single-1

Wanna One Pre-Debut Photos


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