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Wanna One has their their first photoshoot with ‘1st Look’

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Wanna One took their first ever shots for a photoshoot with ‘1st Look’.  The photoshoot was the first scheduled event for them, and their lovely faces were plastered on the July issue of the magazine.

There were solo, group, and unit shots of the group, each with the boys looking perfect!

Check out the preview images below!

wanna-one-first-look-photoshoot-6 wanna-one-first-look-photoshoot-5 wanna-one-first-look-photoshoot-4 wanna-one-first-look-photoshoot-3 wanna-one-first-look-photoshoot-2 wanna-one-first-look-photoshoot-1

UPDATE: 1st Look Magazine reveals individual shots for the members.  Check out the teasers for Jinyoung, Guanlin, Jisung, Jaehwan, Woojin, Jihoon, Daehwi, Daniel, Seongwoo, Minhyun,  and Sungwoo below!

wanna-one-individual-teaser-1st-look-127-8 wanna-one-137-1st-look-individual-teaser-6 wanna-one-1st-look-individual-teaser-5 wanna-one-july-137-1st-look-individual-4 1st-look-wanna-one-vol-137-july-individual-3 1st-look-wanna-one-july-individual-teaser-2 1st-look-wanna-one-july-individual-teaser wanna-one-1st-look wanna-one-1st-look-137-individual-teaser-july wanna-one-1st-look-individual-july-137


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