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Wanna One Releases Hilarious Food Themed Dance Practice For “I.P.U”

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Wanna One prepared a special video for their fans!

To say thank you for reaching 3,333,333 views on their music video for “I.P.U“, Wanna One released a hilarious new video of them performing the dance for “I.P.U”.  However, it’s not just any dance practice, the boys are dressed up as food!  Woojin dressed up as bacon, Guanlin dressed up as a crab, Daniel dressed up as a hot dog, Jaehwan dressed up as a mustard, Jihoon dressed up as french fries, Dawhwi dressed up as grapes, Jinyoung dressed up as Coca-Cola, Sungwoon dressed up as a tomato, Seongwoo dressed up as a tomato, and Jisung dressed up as a ketchup!

Watch the hilarious video below!

wanna one dress up as food


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  1. Cherrypicker March 17, 2018

    They are so cuteeeee

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