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Wanna One surprises fans with even more teaser images for their upcoming debut album

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Wanna One surprised fans with even more teaser images for their upcoming debut album 1X1=1 (To Be One)!  The teasers released showed two totally different sides of of the boys.

Much like the two tracks, “Energetic” and “Burn It Up”, the boys show a playful and colorful side and a dark, suave, and more serious side.

Check out all of their teasers below!

wanna-one-debut-teaser-photo-2017-august-7 wanna-one-debut-teaser-photo-2017-august-8 wanna-one-debut-teaser-photo-2017-august-1 wanna-one-debut-teaser-photo-2017-august-2 wanna-one-debut-teaser-photo-2017-august-3 wanna-one-debut-teaser-photo-2017-august-4 wanna-one-debut-teaser-photo-2017-august-5 wanna-one-debut-teaser-photo-2017-august-6

wanna-one-debut-2017-tobeone-4 wanna-one-debut-2017-tobeone-3 wanna-one-debut-2017-tobeone-2 wanna-one-debut-2017-tobeone-1 wanna-one-debut-2017-tobeone-6 wanna-one-debut-2017-tobeone-5 wanna-one-debut-2017-tobeone-8 wanna-one-debut-2017-tobeone-7

wanna-one-debut-august-2017-16 wanna-one-debut-august-2017-15 wanna-one-debut-august-2017-14 wanna-one-debut-august-2017-13 wanna-one-debut-august-2017-12 wanna-one-debut-august-2017-1

UPDATE: The boys of Wanna One are beyond adorable in their 1st mini album cover!  The Pink Version is cute and playful while the Sky Version is sleek and handsome!

wanna-one-pink-version wanna-one-sky


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