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Wanna One unveils a new set of member profile photos

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Upcoming group, formed by Produce 101 Season 2 finalists, Wanna One, have revealed a new set of profile teaser photos for the boys prior to their debut.

Each photos is from the shoulders up and show off their flawless skin.  Each member is wearing a simple white shirt too.

Check out the photos below!

wanna-one-new-teaser-1 wanna-one-new-teaser-2 wanna-one-new-teaser-3 wanna-one-new-teaser-4 wanna-one-new-teaser-5 wanna-one-new-teaser-6 wanna-one-new-teaser-7 wanna-one-new-teaser-8 wanna-one-new-teaser-9 wanna-one-new-teaser-11


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