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Kpop Wanna One

Wanna One wants all of our attention in their debut music video “Energetic”

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Wanna One is finally here, and it’s going to be messing up a lot of people’s bias lists and stanned groups.

This group is powerful, fun, and a refreshing mix of power and ‘energy’.  Their debut track, “Energetic” is appropriately named, especially when you watch the video.  The moves they do as part of their dance are impressive and will catch your attention right off the bat.  The human piano and high kicks stand out the most as their ‘killer’ moves.

The entire video is fun and playful, will a powerful dance that I can’t wait to see more of.  And a water fight!

The groups vocals mix well together, with powerful vocals and a diverse set of rappers that have their own distinct style and sound, but mix well together.

Looks like OSKP is going to have their hands full learning all about these boys.

Check out their music video below!


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