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Wanna One (워너원) Release “Beautiful” Music Video (Movie Ver.)

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Wanna One is back and ready to take over the world!

Wanna One is back at it again with their newest album “1-1=0 (Nothing Without You)” The album features ten tracks, including the title track “Beautiful.” In addition to a series of teaser videos and photos, the “Beautiful Music Video (Movie ver.) Prologue” was released on November 9th.

As the Prologue begins we are taken through the same scene that begins the trailer, inside the ring. Although the viewers are soon watching as two people seemingly pack all of their possessions and their two young sons into the back of a truck.

The young boys are seen playing with a soccer ball as the parents enter the cab of the truck. Soon control of the soccer ball is lost and it goes tumbling from the back of the truck. The ball is soon followed by one of the young boys who runs to retrieve the ball.

As the boy follows the ball further and further from the truck, the distracted father is shown entering the cab and motioning the driver to go, blissfully unaware that his son had stepped off of the back of the truck. The son remaining on the truck begins to shout for his father and waving after his brother. The young boy returns with his ball to see the truck disappearing down the road.

Eventually, the older brother is able to gain his fathers attention and bring the vehicle to a stop. Once alerted to the situation the father runs back down the street in search of his son. The lost boy is then shown in a heartwrenching moment, walking down an unknown street clutching his soccer ball to his chest for dear life and crying for his father, who has accepted defeat.

Wandering aimlessly the boy finally is found by a woman who is shown ushering the boy through the doors of what appears to be an orphanage. In the next few scenes, we watch as the boy makes friends and plays happily with the other boys despite the loss of his family.

Finally, in the last moments of the video, the boy is seen posing for a goofy photo with his friends. This photo then morphs into a photo, of a similar pose, with the members of Wanna One replacing the positions of the young boys.

You can watch the Prologue here if you haven’t already.

In addition to this visually and emotionally captivating Prologue video, the “Beautiful” music video has finally been revealed. This music video clocks in at a whopping eight minutes long!

But I can guarantee that it is worth the time. The track itself is played as the soundtrack to the music video. The song’s tone is that of sorrow and sadness, which fits well with the music video’s storyline.

The music video itself begins in the same fashion that both the trailer and the Prologue did. The image of a fight and then short flashbacks to the crying child. Next, we watch as the scene is quickly taken back to the goofy photos the young boy was taking with his friends. These photos again morph to reveal the Wanna One members.

And then the viewer is whisked away to watch as the boy’s mother and brother from the prologue share a meal. It is soon revealed that the boy’s brother actually does custodial work in a boxing club. With the help of his friends, he hangs up posters of his missing brother.

As he is hanging up these posters it is shown that his brother is doing the same thing. Both brothers diligently trying to find each other. Soon the younger places his poster directly over the one his brother has hung.

So close, yet so far.

A short montage of each living their lives plays before they’re both shown back in the same place. In a heartwarming moment, the boys realize who the other is and embrace their long-lost brother. The boys are shown becoming close and having fun. As well as defending each other in a dramatic fight scene.

In the end, the story is that of loss and fits well with the song and its lyrical meaning. This music video is truly stunning. It holds a beautiful song and a beautifully executed storyline. It is an emotional rollercoaster and an all-around visual masterpiece.

If you have not had a chance to watch it yet, do yourself a favor and watch it right now!

Wanna One Beautiful


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