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Wassup’s throws a killer part with “Color TV” (Music Video Review)

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Wassup has released “Color TV” and it’s a absolute rave!  This part themed video is so much fun, you’ll definitely be up and dancing along with the song.


I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to feel about “Color TV” at first, but as soon as it started and they started repeating “Turn Me On” and “Color TV” I was hooked.  The spoken hooks are extremely catchy and a nice change of pace from the normal sung hooks.

This song has quite a few sets of spoken vocals and raps, which make it less girly!

The beat is catchy and the place where it drops the beat for their dance track is super fun and peppy.  The song had a definite 90’s feel, with less of an emphasis on the music itself and more focus on the girls.


I absolutely loved this video.  It was definitely different than the normal music videos we see.  The video starts with the girl’s opening the door to let in a policeman, which can be take one of two ways (go for the more innocent one).  They’re celebrating a birthday party based on the balloons across the back of the room, and the entire video has a cute, homemade party feel.

They are carefree in their dances and movement, which give the video a natural feel, even when they actually do their coordinated dances.  The dance break is quick and catchy, with more action than most!

I loved the costuming.  The playboy sparkly dress, the 90’s windbreakers, and the striped shirts were super cute and flattering on the girls!

Overall, one of the best things about the video is the fact that no matter what, they never stop moving.  It’s not stop dancing throughout, coordinated or not.


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