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Watch as 00sij creates beautiful works using a ballpoint pen

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Welcome back to the fan art section of One Stop K-Pop, where we feature amazing artists of all mediums.  In our previous post we covered an artist that could take simple lines and turn them into amazing works.  Today’s artist does the same, but in their case, they only use a single medium for each piece, and an unforgiving one at that.


00sij is an artist that frequently posts their work on Amino and their Instagram account.  With just a pen or pencil, they’re able to shade in artwork in a rather unique way.  More often than not, realistic drawings have a soft feel to them with blending done for the shading, but 00sij does things a bit different by using crossed lines to create the shading and depth of the person they’re drawing.


When asked about their inspiration for drawing K-Pop idols, they stated that they “wanted to draw them because of their photos, concepts, fashions, and the fact that the idols themselves are beautiful.”  00sij loves drawing beautiful things and K-Pop definitely has a plethora of beautiful visuals to pull from.  While they do delve into non-K-Pop material, it is one of the most visually appealing so it’s primarily where the art tends to go.


Currently, 00sij’s favorite group is BLACKPINK, most specifically, Kim Jisoo from that group.  If ever give the chance to meet Kim Jisoo, they stated that they would love to tell her that they’d like to marry her! Her smile inspires happiness and her well rounded character, sense of humor, and just all around personality just add to her beauty.


00sij loves using mediums that are not always the most forgiving.  More often than not, the pieces are created with merely the piece of printer paper it’s on and a ballpoint pen. 00sij stated that “I find it amazing how many things we can do with so few materials”.  Some of their art is done in pencil as well, showing a bit more diversity!


Check 00sij out in the links above and let them know how much you love their work!

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