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Watch as B.A.P prepares for “Party Baby!” Seoul Boom concert

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Watch the boys of B.A.P in this highlight clip as they practice hard for their upcoming concert for ‘Party Baby!’.  You’ll get to see them practicing some of their tracks and a healthy dose of them playing with squirt guns.  A very healthy dose, especially since they have those almost the entire time!  They even have practice with costumes, but not like fashionable costumes, things like bunny ears and afros.

It looks like anyone in the audience might want to get ready to get completely soaked if they end up bringing their guns on stage!  They have some serious range!


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  1. B.A.P are the best when it comes to live performances and concerts , they know very well how to entertain babyz and make them enjoy their time , as well as making lots of unforgetful memories , i wish i’ll attend one of their concerts and enjoy their peroformance <3 my dream is to meet them and thank them for their hard work and love for us <3

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