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Watch the BTS cuteness unfold in the Hollywire interview!

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Not only were BTS absolutely adorable in this interview, but the host was so cute!  Her bubbly personality seemed to help out a lot making the guys feel at ease.

Quite a few of the questions asked were new, so check out this video to see something different than the norm!

There was actually more interaction than the early U.S. interviews from the other members, with more of them speaking up!  Their English seemed to improve a lot over time and with them becoming more confident.

Take a look at the Hollywire YouTube channel for more wonderful interviews


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  1. Red heart (@niawoffcl) April 5, 2017

    Why? All of them is so cute, i cant choose my bias.

  2. Jungkook always amaze me by his voice. Rapmon is the best spokesman for the group. V always mesmerize with his cute face. That thing which Jin said to Army was a heartwarmer, his comment is everything. JHope always made me laugh with his energetic dance, love it. Jimin’s face looks even cuter even though he was just silent. Suga always lure with his face without expression. I love them all.

  3. allyannab April 7, 2017

    Can I just say they are all so sweetc:’)

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