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Weki Meki is not afraid of color in their teasers for ‘WEME’

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Upcoming girl group, Weki Meki, definitely doesn’t shy away from color if their teaser images are anything to go by.  The girl’s are embracing the bright and the bold in preparation for their first mini album, WEME set to release on August 8, 2017.

Check out the images below!

weki-meki-debut-weme-8 weki-meki-debut-weme-7 weki-meki-debut-weme-6 weki-meki-debut-weme-5 weki-meki-debut-weme-4 weki-meki-debut-weme-3 weki-meki-debut-weme-1 UPDATE: Check out the adorable group teaser image!


UPDATE: Weki Meki releases unit teasers for the upcoming group!

weki-meki-we-me-unit-2017-4 weki-meki-we-me-unit-2017-3 weki-meki-we-me-unit-2017-2 weki-meki-we-me-unit-2017-1

UPDATE: Weki Meki releases new group teaser image for upcoming 1st mini album WEME.

Check it out below!


UPDATE: The first music video teaser for Weki Meki’s “I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend” is here!

UPDATE: Weki Meki released the track list for their first mini album, WEME!  The album will contain 6 songs, including their title track, “I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend”, “Fantastic”, and “My World”.


UPDATE: Check out Weki Meki’s highlight medley for their upcoming album WEME!

Update: The girls are full of sass and attitude in their second music video teaser for “I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend”.

Check it out below!

UPDATE: Weki Meki goes from plain clothing to colorful and energetic in their latest video teaser!


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